We offer colorized pigments, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue , Green & Violet (pruple),More than 100 different kinds organic Pigment are suitable for various application, Offset link, Liquid Solvent link,Plastoc & Rubber,Coatings & Paints,Textile Printing etc.
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Pigment for Coatings and Paints
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Product Name C.I.Pigment No. Chemical Nature Solvent Industrial Paint Powder Coating Coil Coating W-base decorative paint Characteristic
Hansa Yellow G      Pigment Yellow 1 Monoazo Yellow   Reddish
Hansa Yellow 10G    Pigment Yellow 3   Greenish
Hansa Yellow RN  Pigment Yellow 65     High hiding power 
Hansa Brilliant Yellow 5GX Pigment Yellow 74 Transparent
Hansa Brilliant Yellow GO Opaque
Benzidine Yellow 10G Pigment Yellow 81 Diarylide Yellow Greenish,Excellent Glossy and Transparence 
Permanent Yellow HR Pigment Yellow 83 Reddish
Permanent Yellow HR-O Opaque
Permanent Yellow HR-T Transparent
Permanent Yellow FGL Pigment Yellow 97 Monoazo Yellow High hiding power,Good Solvent Resistance 
Isoindoline Yellow 110 Pigment Yellow 110 Isoindoline Reddish
Quinophthalone Yellow 138 Pigment Yellow 138 Quinophthalone Greenish
Isoindoline Yellow 139-O  Pigment Yellow 139 Isoindoline Reddish
Permanent Yellow 150 Pigment Yellow 150 Metal Complex  
Permanent Yellow H4G Pigment Yellow 151 Benzimidazolone  
Permanent Yellow H3G  Pigment Yellow 154  
Permanent Yellow HG Pigment Yellow 180  
Permanent Yellow H3R Pigment Yellow 181  
Permanent Orange RN Pigment Orange 5 ß-Naphthol    
Permanent Orange G Pigment Orange 13 Disazopyrazolone    
Benzidine Orange R Pigment Orange 16     Yellowish
Permanent Orange RLO Pigment Orange 34     Opaque
Permanent Orange HL Pigment Orange 36 Benzimidazolone  
Permanent Orange GR Pigment Orange 43 Perinone         Reddish
Pigment Orange DPP Pigment Orange 73 DPP  
Toluidine Red Pigment Red 3 ß-Naphthol    High hiding power 
Vermilion R Pigment Red 4         Brilliant shade
Fast Red RBS Pigment Red 23 Naphthol AS      
Permanent Red 2BM Pigment Red 48:4 BONA, Mn-laked    
Permanent Red FGR Pigment Red 112 Naphthol AS  
Pigment Red E Pigment Red 122 Quinacridone  
Permanent Red FBB Pigment Red 146 Naphthol AS        
Pigment Red 149 Pigment Red 149 Perylene        
Permanent Red F5RK Pigment Red 170 Naphthol AS    
Permanent Red F3RK  
Permanent Red F2RK  
Pigment Maroon 2G Pigment Red 179 Perylene  
Pigment Magenta RT Pigment Red 202 Quinacridone  
Pigment Red DPP Pigment Red 254 DPP  
Pigment Violet E3B Pigment Violet 19 Quinacridone Yellowish
Pigment Violet E5B Bluish
Fast Violet RLS Pigment Violet 23 Dioxazine  
Fast Blue BS Pigment Blue 15:1 Cu Phthalocyanine, a-Mod.   
Fast Blue BSF Pigment Blue 15:2 Reddish
Fast Blue BGS Pigment Blue 15:3 Cu Phthalocyanine, ß-Mod.  
Fast Blue BGN Pigment Blue 15:4  
Fast Blue BDF Pigment Blue 15:6 Cu Phthalocyanine, ε-Mod.  
Fast Green G Pigment Green 7 Cu Phthalocyanine  
Fast Green 6G Pigment Green 36